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17 Ribas, Augusto OPEN Brazil RESERVE
217 Espilez, Ivan OPEN Spain  
263 Emile, Obriot OPEN France RESERVE
403 Kirsch, Saul OPEN Netherlands  
476 Ballesteros, Jorge OPEN Spain  
586 Havlíček, Miroslav OPEN Czech Republic  
652 Tassone, Gregorio OPEN Italy  
1103 Tausiewicz, Marcin OPEN Poland  
287 Reed, Casey PRODUCTION United States of America  
406 Lane, Mason PRODUCTION United States of America  
478 Momcilovic, Ljubisa PRODUCTION Serbia  
583 Šebo, Robin PRODUCTION Czech Republic  
585 Štěpán, Michal PRODUCTION Czech Republic  
674 Zapletal, Miroslav PRODUCTION Czech Republic RESERVE
796 Affleck, Iain Thomas PRODUCTION South Africa RESERVE
812 De Cobos, Eduardo PRODUCTION Spain  
85 Onshin, Nikolai STANDARD Russia RESERVE
91 Santarcangelo, Adriano STANDARD Italy RESERVE
582 Quindi Vallerga, Gaston STANDARD Argentina  
591 Rakušan, Josef STANDARD Czech Republic  
592 Znamenáček, Petr STANDARD Czech Republic  
593 Liehne, Zdenek STANDARD Czech Republic  
974 Batki, György STANDARD Hungary  
1128 Midgley, Gregory STANDARD Germany  
146 Oskarsson, Tina STANDARD-LADY Sweden  
244 Bocheńska, Aneta STANDARD-LADY Poland RESERVE
326 Burkhalter, Christine STANDARD-LADY Switzerland  
578 Zolnay, Anka STANDARD-LADY Czech Republic  
621 Limarova, Marianna STANDARD-LADY Italy  
917 Novotna, Marta STANDARD-LADY Slovak Republic RESERVE
926 Ptackova Misarova, Petra STANDARD-LADY Czech Republic  
1059 Wendel, Samantha STANDARD-LADY Austria  
39 Troiani, Domiziana OPEN-LADY Italy RESERVE
41 Pawlik, Celina OPEN-LADY Poland  
117 Wiklund, Karin OPEN-LADY Sweden RESERVE
409 Bernos, Andrea OPEN-LADY Philippines  
454 Nyman, Saara OPEN-LADY Finland  
588 Šerá, Martina OPEN-LADY Czech Republic  
654 Lenka, Horejsi OPEN-LADY Czech Republic  
1027 Tamaela, Sarah OPEN-LADY Indonesia  
25 Lindberg, Cecilia PRODUCTION-LADY Sweden  
75 Stativka, Anastasia PRODUCTION-LADY Moldova  
84 Deledivka, Inna PRODUCTION-LADY Russia  
477 Momcilovic, Snezana PRODUCTION-LADY Serbia  
665 Salamon, Tímea PRODUCTION-LADY Hungary  
826 Alexiou, Christina PRODUCTION-LADY Greece RESERVE
938 Boscolo, Velia Contadin PRODUCTION-LADY Italy RESERVE
1023 Chlebovcova, Zuzana PRODUCTION-LADY Slovak Republic  
279 Leograndis, Max PISTOL CALIBER CARBINE  United States of America  
334 Ackehed, Olle PISTOL CALIBER CARBINE  Sweden  
989 Vinduška, Václav PISTOL CALIBER CARBINE  Czech Republic  
1116 Grauffel, Eric PISTOL CALIBER CARBINE  France  


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